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OttoFest 2024

Directions and Maps

From Buffalo: Take I-90 to Exit 55, and follow US 219 South. After about 25 miles, if you want to go through Springville (e.g., to shop), get off the expressway at the SR 39 exit, turn left, but take the first right and continue on old 219 South towards Ellicottville. To avoid Springville, just stay on 219 to the end of the expressway, take a right on Peters Rd., and then a left on 219. Continue on 219 South towards Ellicottville. After 4.7 miles from SR 39, or 0.2 miles from Peters Rd., turn right onto Connoisaraule Rd., and travel 1.7 miles to the stop sign. Turn right (onto CR 12), and travel 1.2 miles to the stop sign at the white church. Turn left, and travel 3.1 miles to the stop sign in East Otto. Turn right (East Otto Rd.), and travel 0.9 miles to the baseball diamond at the fork in the road, but bear right (it turns into Swamp Rd., CR 68) and travel another 3.1 miles to the stop sign. Cross North Otto Rd. (CR 11), and now you're on Hebner Hill Rd. Travel 1.2 miles to the stop sign at Barber Cemetery, turn right onto Dake Hill Rd, and travel 1.1 miles to Marek Rd. Turn left onto Marek Rd., and, after about 0.9 miles, you'll reach a 90-degree turn in the road. The party is about 100 yds. past this turn, on the left. Look for a place to park along the side of the road, but be careful not to park in a ditch. Also, please watch for deer as you approach and leave OttoFest. Click here for these directions in reverse.

Here's a link to Google Maps, to show you the general area.
Below are some maps of the area, with the above route highlighted.